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Security risk management.

First International solutions provides customized security to clients of all sizes and with diverse security needs. From threats in high-risk environments, a wide variety of factors play into the safety and profitability of your business endeavors. As licensed security consultants, we can provide assessments and guidance to maximize our clients’ security programs.
We can provide static (on-site), mobile patrol and remote security. Our consulting and global services are fully customizable, and we’re able to assist in any project across the globe.

Domestic Services .

Keep your company safe from harm and bolster your understanding of international business operations. We offer a wide range of consulting services, including assistance with export brokering.

International Services .

Heighten the security of your business with one of our renowned consultants. Our trainers come from a variety of backgrounds, including former special forces, law enforcement, and the military.

Smarter is safer.

First International Solutions is veteran-owned company comprised of former military, law enforcement, and government agency consultants. We serve clients in the private sector, our team draws on years of specialized experience to protect the interests of companies across the globe.

Our professional consultants specialize in a wide range of issues, including safety and security, kidnap and ransom cases, pipelines, IT affairs, corporate espionage countermeasures and threat and vulnerability assesments.

Training Programs.

Reduce your risks to maxime success.

Employees are the life blood of every company whose actions and efforts directly contribute to the success or failure of the organization they work for. First International Solutions strives to increase company profitability, stability, security and overall success through providing relevant actionable education of its employees.

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